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Cherise Josephine, recently got her BFA at the Academy of Art University. Heavily inspired by photographers Helmut Newton & Bettina Rheims; Cherise strives to protray a sense of rawness in her photographs. With a love for black and white work, she aims to bring out a world of vulnerabilty and candid shots, that are instilled in black and whites.

Cherise currently resides in San Francisco.

Published in:

  • CMYK #50
  • The Like Magazine Issue #005
  • Tantalum Magazine Issue #17
  • The Like Magazine Issue #006
  • Alternative Revolution Magazine
  • Giuseppina Magazine blog
  • Coco Magazine Issue 15
  • The Like Magazine Issue #009
  • Photo Vogue-Vogue Italia
  • Arsenic Magazine
  • San Francisco Chronicle:Too Racy for Instagram article


  • Madison Reed
  • BirdsandBones Jewelry
  • Photo: ©Bonnie Rae Mills